About This Blog

My name is Sabbir Yousuf Sanny. I've completed my undergraduate degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in 2008 and I'm now working at Mukto Software Ltd.

This blog is going to be all about problem solving. I have participated in 2 ACM ICPC World Finals - 2007 & 2008. April 2008 was the last time before when I did problem solving seriously. After that its just occasional competitions - Topcoder Opens and Google Code Jams.

But recently I'm finding that passion of problem solving again; passion that keeps you sleepless for nights with a problem in head, paper and pencil in hand and an IDE open. I've decided that I'll try to manage 2 hours each day so that I can solve at least one interesting problem. Then it came to my mind - why not open a blog about it? It will certainly help keep my resolution of one problem a day and inspire me to in-depth understanding of every problem I solve or every algorithm that I learn.

So, here it is - a blog that I will try to keep updated every day with a new problem. Problem source can be UVaArchiveTopcoderCodeforces - anything that I feel like solving that day.